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Let us take care of your employee benefits burden with our health care plan expertise and guidance

Through partnerships with major medical insurance carriers, San Antonio Small Biz provides a full suite of ACA compliant benefits and benefits administration services to our clients, including comprehensive and competitive major medical insurance and a 401K program.

We help you keep your employees happy and healthy so you can focus on what’s important. 

  • Group healthcare can be confusing and frustrating and we help streamline it for you
  • Every company has different needs.  We will understand your current situation and identify areas of potential strategy and savings — for short and long-term solutions.
  • Choose from a variety of plans that meet your needs and budget
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How can PEO services help you?

What Is A PEO Broker, and Why Does Your Company Need One?

Let’s first start out by answering what a PEO is. A PEO or Professional Employer Organization is a company that specializes in benefits “pooling”. What these companies do is take out workers’ comp insurance and health insurance policies with A rated carriers. They then start adding clients to these policies and in return each company receives a total purchase power of the entire group. This allows small and medium size business to obtain rates they normally could not obtain on their own.

Advantages to this model is that risk is spread throughout the entire group, which leads to lower year over year rate increases. Companies can utilize a workers’ comp modifier of the PEO and also the healthcare rates of the PEO. They can also use the PEO’s SUTA tax rate, which would be significantly lower if your company has high turnover.

So what is a PEO Broker? A PEO Broker is a person that represents many different PEO’s and brokers for many different companies. The advantage of working with a PEO Broker is that you only have to submit your information to one person and they can get pricing from many different PEO’s. This allows the broker to find the very best pricing and solution for the needs of the clients. They also know which PEO’s to avoid and which ones are right for certain industries.

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More than just a payroll company

Our partners are so much more than a platform. Discover why benefits, HR, and payroll have never been more simple through our partners.

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Access to high quality Insurances for peace of mind.

San Antonio Small Biz represents all of the major health insurance companies for individual health insurance. We can help you determine if you and your family qualify for subsidies to help pay for health insurance.

  • From Life Insurance, Health Insurance, to Disability Insurance, we have you and your family covered.
  • Planning for Long Term Care is an integral part of retirement and financial planning.
  • We can help answer your questions regarding Social Security, Retirement and Estate Planning
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Pay your doctor instantly at the time of your visit using your Sidecar Health payment card. Take advantage of discounts doctors offer when you pay upfront – since they don’t need to chase down insurance reimbursements – and get more affordable health care. And, say goodbye to surprise bills down the road.

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